113 contraventions related to traffic violations issued during Gozo carnival weekend

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A police spokesperson confirmed with Malta Daily that between the 16th and the 19th of February 2023, during the Carnival weekend celebration, 442 cars were stopped by the Police Force.

113 contraventions related to traffic regulations violations were issued. Some of these were for people not wearing a seat belt, vehicle lights not in accordance with the law, and carrying more passengers than allowed.

This info indicates that no one was caught drink-driving or carrying any illegal substances although police did not confirm or deny this information.

According to local newsroom One 60,337 people travelled to Gozo for the Carnival weekend.

Malta Daily, G7 events, the Nadur Local Council, and the Ministry for Gozo, organised the weekend celebrations in Nadur, that saw more than 25,000 during the Saturday night events.


€75,042 in undeclared cash seized by Customs Malta in February 2023

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€75,042 in undeclared cash seized by Customs Malta in February 2023

In its continuous fight against money laundering, during the month of February, the Department of Customs intercepted 4 undeclared cash cases.

The total in assets restrained amounted to €75,042. 3 of the undeclared cash cases, which amounted to €39,028, resulted in an out-of-court settlement, with €4,589 administered in fines.

The other case of undeclared cash, alone, amounted to a total of €36,014. The person carrying this amount of undeclared cash was taken to court and given a court fine of €14,357.70.

Customs Officials also seized 6kg of Cannabis and 108 wine bottles in two other separate cases.


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Published video shows the current state of St. Luke’s hospital

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Published video shows the current state of St. Luke's hospital

A video published by PN’s news media house @netnewsmalta shows the current situation of some areas of the St. Luke’s Hospital that for the past years was being taken care of by Steward Healthcare who have recently got their contract annulled by Maltese court.


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This comes after PN MP @adriandelia won his court case against the healthcare company who had previously signed a contract with the Maltese Government.


Source: Net News


Robert Downey Jr earned over $435 million through MCU

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Robert Downey Jr earned over $435 million through MCU

Robert Downey Jr’s salaries through the Marvel Cinematic Universe have brought him closer to his film character of Tony Stark as digits are revealed. 

The Marvel actor earned a massive amount during his time as Iron Man, but this did not start off as such. 

Marvel took a massive chance with Downey due to his substance addiction and a 180 day jail sentence, with his first film paying the actor $2.5 million. 

The first Iron Man film was even expected to flop, but instead it led to the creation of one of the biggest franchises of all time. For the first Avengers film, Downey would earn $50 million. 

He would later become the highest paid actor in Hollywood in 2013 after taking a big percentage of the film’s $1 billion box office profits. 

He made $75 million annually after the success of Iron Man 3 and then $33 million in 2016 as the face of the MCU. However, Downey earned a whopping $81 million as Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War sold cinema tickets. 

The actor’s base salary increase with Endgame rocketed to $20 million as well as another $55 million in ticket sales. This brings it up to around $435 million through the MCU. 


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