11,000 students started the new academic year at MCAST this morning

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Over 11,000 Students have started the new academic year at MCAST this morning. MCAST has made sure to make the school as welcoming as possible and have enforced heavy measures in order to ensure all the students and staff are kept safe. 

Professor James Calleja who is the Principal and Chief Executive of the College, in a conference this morning said that courses will be held both virtually, and physically. For the most part courses will take place online however students could be required to have face-to-face learning in circumstances where modules require more hands-on practical work.  

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Bernard Grech meets with Prof. Charmaine Gauci

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In a recent meeting with Professor Charmaine Gauci, Bernard Grech praised the Superintendent for Public Health for her work and stated that any and all decision having to do with COVID-19 had to be up to the Health Authorities and not the Prime Minister. 

The newly-elected PN Leader expressed his faith in the health authorities and said that it is a shame that all of their good work is contrasted by the Prime Minister’s statements which brought about the increase in cases.

Grech will be presenting the Opposition’s reaction to the national budget later tonight.

National Budget to start at 6.30pm tonight

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The National Budget for 2021 is set to start tonight at 6.30PM, with measures to be announced in Parliament.

This will be Prime Minister Robert Abela’s first budget. He had stated that this budget is set to generate hope and courage for the Maltese population while incentivising consumption, with one of the most anticipated measures being the second set of government vouchers.

Malta Daily will be providing live updates during the course of the event.

More than 40 million COVID-19 cases registered worldwide

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As COVID-19 cases continue to surge and countries are imposing more and more measures and lockdown situations, the total amount of COVID-19 cases around the world surpasses 40 million. 

From this amount, as collected by Johns Hopkins University, more than 1.1 million virus deaths have been registered, with the highest number of cases emerging from the U.S., India and Brazil at 8.1 million, 7.5 million and 5.2 million respectively.

The World Health Organisation reported that last week, Europe had registered a record-high number of cases with nearly 700,000, with the region accounting for an approximate third of cases worldwide.