10th victim of Astroworld tragedy is 9-year-old Ezra Blount

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10th victim of Astroworld tragedy is 9-year-old Ezra Blount

Yet another life has been lost following the tragic event at Astroworld 2021. The tenth victim is Ezra Blount, a nine-year-old boy who died from his injuries. The boy was allegedly on his father’s shoulders when a huge crowd surge happened during the performance. 

His father Treston allegedly passed out, resulting in Ezra being trampled by the raging crowd and sustaining several injuries. Going into cardiac arrest, Ezra was placed in a medically induced coma at hospital to help reduce swelling. He unfortunately passed away on Sunday November 14th. 

Treston, waking up after passing out, rushed to an on-site medic to find his son. He was eventually found in a nearby hospital after he was admitted under the name John Doe due to him having no ID on him. Family attorney Ben Crump said that the entire family is grieving the incomprehensible loss of their precious young son. 

‘This should not have been the outcome to taking their son to a concert, what should have been a joyful celebration. 


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Fatal incident in Xemxija leaves 30-year-old woman dead

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Fatal incident in Xemxija leaves 30-year-old woman dead

Police were informed yesterday at around 8pm of a traffic incident in Telghet ix-Xemxija, San Pawl il-Bahar. 

Preliminary investigations revealed that a 30-year-old Tunisian woman was hit by a Mercedes Benz C350 driven by a 42-year-old man resident of Mellieha. 

The Mercedes proceeded to crash into four other parked vehicles. A medical team and members of the Civil Protection Department were called onto the scene. The woman was unfortunately pronounced dead on the scene. 

Another Tunisian man who was with the victim and the driver himself were taken to Mater Dei Hospital to receive required aid. They were certified to have suffered light injuries. 

Investigations are still ongoing, with Magistrate Dr Lara Lanfranco LL.D being informed of the case and opening an inquiry. Several experts were also called to address the case. 


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9 signs that you are burning out | by Ed’s Common Sense

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9 signs that you are burning out | by Ed's Common Sense

Testing times often take a toll on our mental health and whether it’s excessive stress or pure exhaustion stemming from the fear of not keeping up, knowing when enough is enough is of utmost importance. The first step in preventing yourself from burning out is realising that you actually may be burning out. That’s why, for this week’s entry, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Edward Curmi is here to give you 9 signs that you are burning out.

Dr. Edward Curmi is also the author of 2 self-help books titled Ed’s Common Sense.

You feel disconnected and avoid people.

You get tired very easily even after taking a holiday or weekend break.

You are struggling to keep up with your close friends and intimate relationships.

You are suffering from insomnia.

You feel overwhelmed by the thought of planning.

You are irritable and volatile in situations which usually wouldn’t bother you.

You wish things will change magically on their own.

You feel concerned as you are becoming more negative.

You notice that as each day goes by you are becoming more demotivated.

Have you experienced one of the above? Then it’s time to take a break and re-centre.

Send this to someone who may be burning themselves out.


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PN’s position on cannabis bill leads to internal dispute

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The Nationalist Party parliamentary group did not discuss it’s take on the cannabis group with the PN’s very own executive committee before a statement was issued. 

The statement criticised the proposals by the PL as they would, according to PN members, normalise and increase drug abuse in Malta. Issued Friday evening, the statement triggered internal commotion as members of the party’s executive and administrative committees felt excluded from the decision. 

They felt that the decision would cause more harm than good to the party’s electoral chances. The parliamentary group issued a statement denouncing the PL’s proposed legalisation of cannabis. 

The Malta Independent confirmed on Sunday through PN sources that the consultation did not include the executive committee. The executive committee said that it is normal that before a decision is taken by the party, the matter is brought up with them. 

The members of the two committees learnt of the PN’s decision from news portals, leading to some ‘fuming’ at the way the parliamentary group went over their heads on such an important matter.

‘It is said that the party wants to attract the young voters, but what the parliamentary group did with its decision on the cannabis bill pushed them further away’ said the sources. 

The Labour Party responded by saying that the PN first claims to have had its cannabis bill copied by the current administration and now it flips the narrative as being against it. 


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