Juventus win 4-0 in Serie A, while Liverpool and Everton are back on top in English Premier League

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Juventus won a Serie A game yesterday scoring 4-0 against Parma. Cristiano Ronaldo scored two of these goals following recent criticism.

Liverpool and Everton are now the frontrunners at the English Premier League. While Liverpool is more familiar with this kind of ranking, it’s been a while since Everton have been close to winning an EPL title.


UK closes shops and enforces harsher restrictions over Christmas

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The UK has urged people to cancel Christmas Gatherings and has enforced strict measures which force many shops to close down for the Christmas Period.

New measures require all non-essential shops, hairdressers and indoor leisure venues to close.


PM Robert Abela believes Malta is best in Europe, as we manage to keep reducing infection rates

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During today’s press conference, Prime Minister Robert Abela states that he believes that Malta is the best in Europe when it comes to COVID-19.

Amidst most countries enforcing harsher restrictions during the Christmas period, Malta is managing to keep reducing COVID-19 infection rates.


18-year-old suffered grievous injuries after falling 4 storeys

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At around 11 PM yesterday, an 18-year-old from Holland fell 4 storeys in Marsascala.

The boy fell in what the police described as an abandoned building. A magisterial inquiry was opened and further investigations are being made.

The boy is now in hospital being treated for his grievous injuries.


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