100 Year Old Veteran’s Long Awaited Graduation

100 Year Old Veteran's Long Awaited Graduation
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In the annals of education and military service, there are few stories as remarkable as that of Jack Milton, a veteran U.S. Air Force pilot who recently celebrated his 100th birthday with a long-overdue graduation ceremony. Milton’s journey, spanning three wars and a commitment to education, culminated in a heartfelt tribute from his alma mater, the University of Maryland Global Campus.

Back in 1966, Milton had every intention of walking the stage to receive his bachelor of arts degree. However, duty called, and he found himself serving in Vietnam before he could fulfill this academic milestone. Decades later, the University of Maryland Global Campus, known for its commitment to non-traditional students, including veterans, righted this historical omission by honoring Milton with a belated graduation ceremony.

Milton’s military service is nothing short of extraordinary. With over 12,000 flying hours and combat missions in World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam, he exemplifies courage and dedication. During his tenure in the Air Force, Milton received the Distinguished Flying Cross, among other accolades, for his bravery in the skies.

Reflecting on his missed graduation opportunity, Milton expressed his lingering regret. “On my way to Southeast Asia, I had many thoughts about not being there to see my fellow graduates,” he shared with Fox 5 DC. However, the recent ceremony served as a fitting finale to his lifelong pursuit of education, leaving him profoundly grateful and appreciative.

Milton’s contributions to the University of Maryland Global Campus extend beyond his military service. Alongside his wife, Symantha Milton, he remained active in the university community, offering support to active military and veteran programs. In 2010, the couple established the John L. and Symantha Milton Scholarship Fund, which provides assistance to disabled military service members and their families pursuing education at the university.

University of Maryland Global Campus President, Gregory Fowler, PhD, expressed immense pride in presenting Milton with his long-awaited diploma and graduation cap. It was a moment that encapsulated not only Milton’s personal achievement but also the university’s commitment to honoring its veterans and supporters.

Jack Milton’s journey—from the battlefield to the graduation stage—is a testament to resilience, sacrifice, and the enduring pursuit of knowledge. As we celebrate his centennial and his contributions to education and service, we recognize the profound impact one individual can have on both their community and the world at large.


Here’s Why Caps Are Staying Stuck To Plastic Bottles

Here's Why Caps Are Staying Stuck To Plastic Bottles
May 8 2024 Share

In response to increasing consumer demand for sustainability and stricter regulations, manufacturers find themselves in a perpetual state of adaptation.

This is exemplified by the EU’s upcoming legislation mandating tethered lids on plastic bottles, which aims to bolster recycling efforts and mitigate litter.

Despite encountering initial resistance from certain multinational brands, adherence to these regulations is indispensable for accessing the lucrative EU market.

Conversely, although the UK, post-Brexit, is not bound by this directive, some brands are voluntarily embracing it as a testament to their dedication to sustainability.

Among these forward-thinking companies is innocent drinks, which has opted to adopt tethered lids, underscoring its commitment to environmental stewardship. Nonetheless, formidable challenges persist, including the imperative of ensuring that these lids incorporate recycled materials, are easily recyclable, and meet stringent quality standards.

Effective communication with consumers about the manifold environmental benefits of these changes is paramount to garnering widespread acceptance.

Despite the potential impediments along the way, the successful implementation of tethered lids holds the promise of establishing them as a global standard, thereby catalyzing progress towards a more sustainable future in the packaging industry.

This paradigm shift underscores the industry’s proactive response to evolving consumer preferences and the ever-intensifying regulatory landscape, reaffirming the pivotal role of adaptation in fostering sustainability.


Roberta Metsola Supports Student Protest Outside Court

Roberta Metsola Supports Student Protest Outside Court
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Taking to social media, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola came out in support of the students protesting against the attack on the judiciary.

‘Stop attacking the judiciary. And the journalists. And the experts. And the NGOs. And the Opposition. And the EU’, wrote Metsola.

‘Stop defending criminals. Start acting like a Prime Minister.’

Law students, led by Għaqda Studenti tal-Liġi (GħSL) president Andrew Drago, demonstrated outside Valletta’s law courts, condemning Prime Minister Robert Abela’s statements which they perceived as pitting the judiciary against the public.

Protesters, including law students and politicians like PN leader Bernard Grech and MEP David Casa, expressed solidarity with the judiciary, holding placards emphasizing justice and the rule of law.


Two Youths Steal Plants From Buġibba’s Mamma’s Sugar Outlet

Two Youths Steal Plants From Buġibba's Mamma's Sugar Outlet
May 8 2024 Share

A video shared to local Facebook page ‘Are You Being Served? (Malta & Gozo) Original’ shows two young men stealing two plants from Mamma’s Sugar in Buġibba.


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The plants were situated on the outside banners of the shop, with CCTV cameras showing the two culprits making off with the pots.

‘Whoever recognises them will be appreciated to send us a message’, wrote Alen Osman on the shared video.

Flowers could be given to those who manage to help identify the culprits, Alen wrote.


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